About Amber:

Amber is a recently qualified body piercer who trained with SAPA in January 2023.

The Piercing Room opened in February 2023 and is fully licensed and insured to complete all piercing and dermal procedures.

All piercing procedures are completed with needles (not guns) as this causes less trauma to the piercing area. All jewellery used is implant grade titanium to prevent any allergic reactions and make healing nicer for the individual.

The Piercing Room will complete up to 3 piercings in a sitting and encourages all clients to have eaten before attending their appointment.

For more information, please visit and like The Piercing Room at Emblem Ink on Facebook or Instagram.

Alternatively, you can contact us on Messenger or simply click the email button below to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.

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Price List:

Ear Piercing

Lobes Single £20 - Pair £35

Helix/Flat £25

Conch £25

Daith £25

Tragus £25

Anti Tragus £25

Rook £25

Snug £25

Industrial £40

Lip Piercing

Labret £30

Madonna £30

Medusa £30

Monroe £30

Snake Bites £50

Spider Bites £50

Nose Piercing

Nostril £25

Septum £35

Other Piercings

Eyebrow £25

Tongue £35

Surface £35

Nipple Single £30 - Pair £50

Navel £30


Dermal Anchor £35 each

Skin Diver £30 each

*Tongue and Industrial prices

include bar changes.